How to Build/Edit Projects

ALERT!!! For your Project Image to show up in the Newsfeed, you MUST ADD A COVER IMAGE – Step 3.

Andrea got the idea for projects while working with business clients. She realized that they wanted to see the WHOLE of an artist’s business, not just their work, to see what they are involved in with whom.

Embrace Creatives’ Projects are a unique way to show us your artistic process or share your professionalism and how you connect with the community. Commercial Art Buyers want to see not ONLY your artwork but also your art business in full and Projects is a GREAT way to show them!

Embrace Creatives offers you unlimited Projects so have fun! Image (video) order can be rearranged after uploading but it’s best to have an idea of what’s first, second, third, etc… Also watch for the image size requirements.

Follow along with this infographic and/or video that explains the easy steps.

Step-by-step infographic. If you need more information, please watch the video below!
*Don't forget to add a Cover Image, step 3!