Fairs & Festivals: Step-by-Step Success

Clear and concise guidance to reach your BEST retail sales + checklist + resources.

I’ve seen too many Creatives waste their precious time and LOTS of money on the wrong retail opportunities merely because they weren’t educated beforehand…I don’t want that to happen to you! I’ve put together an abundance of information that will guide you to choose & prepare for the right shows, set up engaging displays, work easily with potential clients and follow up for more sales.

Retail done right with my 45-minute, detailed online workshop.


What’s Included…

-How to choose the best retail outlets
-Create a detailed planning schedule
-Learn to set achievable retail sales goals
-A comprehensive MUST HAVE checklist to be completely prepared (downloadable)
-Visual display Do’s and Don’ts to draw clients into your booth and keep them engaged
-Ever-important client engagement and sales
-Customer service “how to” so you can continue to sell AFTER the show ends

Only $35 with a free preview, a guest expert and BONUS items.