EC Private Collector ALGFLORAL/Derbyshire

The price for a custom collaged/mixed medium acrylic painting measuring 48″x48″ would be $2,195. I offer this size for consideration, as a 45″x45″ canvas would be a custom ordered size and would run $2,295. Additional standard canvas sizes run 40″ square ($1,895) and 36″ square ($1,495).

Colors, selection of flowers and other elements of the piece are customizable and personalized. The custom piece would be completed with finished edges, 1 3/8 deep, suitable for hanging without framing. The piece will be topcoated with UV resistant sealer in the sheen of the client’s choice, and will be ready to hang.

All pieces in this gallery are collaged mixed medium acrylic paintings.

Alcatraz II - Recent Commission, 1/2019, 30"x48" $1795
Holland Tulip Festival 16"x40 $795
Daffodil Festival (Recent Commission, 2/2019) 36"x36" 1,495
Orchid Envy, 36"x36" 1,495