EC Private Collector ALG100 /Kthar

The artworks intended for display are to represent the unplanned and creative process from start to finish using abstract expressionism in order to capture a moment,emotion, and the soul onto something tangible. These artworks are to serve and represent the notion that life can throw curve balls when least expected, forcing change leading us to evolve and how merely embracing and trusting the journey of life is essential to human existence. What may be considered as a “mistake” or “detour” is actually meant to happen for us to be where we are today.

Exclusive / 18"x24" / Acrylic on canvas/ $650
80's Synth / 16"x20" / Acrylic on canvas)/ $500
Devotion / 24"x30" / Acrylic on canvas/ $1500
Color Burst / 24"x36" / Acrylic on Canvas/ $2500
Efflorescence/ 20"x20" /Acrylic on Canvas/ $1100
Luck of Turquoise / 30"x44" /acrylic on canvas/ $1300