EC Private Collector ALG100 / Bjelica

I paint to enact a space where connections with ourselves and others can happen; where we can talk with an open mind; where we can build relationships with others when we are honest to ourselves.
Meaningful conversations inspire me. “When do you feel free to be truly yourself?” For me, it is when I travel that I feel truly free. But I know it is not so simple to travel anytime we want. That question has triggered me to search further and learn how I can paint in a way that inspires such feeling of freedom within our home or office.
When I have a clear understanding of the subject, I start painting. Large canvases give me freedom to dance, get emotional and truly be myself, free from rules, expectations and doubts. My desire is to spread that sense of freedom to others. With pure passion, I paint waves and roads for the viewer to travel and get lost in their thoughts and emotions. I create pathways for them to find something new every time they wish to spend some quiet, yet adventurous time on their own stories; the luxurious space that reminds us to break free and be true to our own passions.
My ultimate goal is to use artwork as a filter to welcome brave people who are ready to search further on how we can set free our true nature. I connect in a deeper level with those who dare to walk into the unknown and take a part in this canny process of making. Love.

Rising up connections within ourselves, Acrylic painting, 72” x 48”, $12,300
Passion, 72” x 48”, Acrylic painting, $12,800
Getting To Know Yourself - Loneliness, 72” x 48”, Acrylic painting, $12,800
Peacefully Loud Universe, 48” x 60”, Acrylic painting, $8,700
Cutting Edge Scream. New York. 24”x 20”, Acrylic painting, $2.300
Journey to the center of our own beings, 48”x 36”, Acrylic painting, $6.400
Illuminating The Forgotten Clutches of One’s Own Beings, 48”x 36”, Acrylic painting, $7.600