Commissioned Art – Replicate style

Often I am asked to recreate a painting style i have done but in a different (usually larger) size. Or in this case to a specific size for over a mantel. The client loved a smaller piece (12″ x 18″) I had created but wanted it 40″ x 40″.

So I shared my contract with her. Here is a brief explanation:

I quote the project based on a conversation, defining: materials, color, size, timing, delivery method and overall style.
Upon receiving the written quote, the client will approve through signature and deposit (10% non-refundable). I will then create the piece and share a photo of it via email. At this time I can possibly make changes. If this is approved, then the balance is due and delivery is arranged.

"Denim Blooms" Original Painting client referenced. SOLD
The client wanted to add brighter blues and magenta accents from the original she referenced. This is the final commissioned art. Accepted. $1,500