Work in Progress

The process and steps that it takes to create a final sculpture is shared.

Metal being rusted using an accelerate. A ceramic sculpture will be added to each
Ceramic birds made as thank you gifts for our honorary committee members for #MintMasterpieces. Each bird will get a metal tail and a wire nest.
i picked up this scrap table for $18 at Haggerty Metals, my main supplier for scrap metal. I have hundreds of metal rods that were donated to me and nowhere to store them.
I converted the large table to this rod holder.
Final painted rod holder works like a charm. Rods are off the floor and are now ready to be used for sculptures.
This 18" canoe will be glazed and displayed in a metal stand. I use a cement mold to get the form.
These fun little cones will be abstract flower buds in a metal sculpture.
This plasma drop will be cut and mounted for a 3D outdoor sculpture. I have other circle plasma drops that will fill some of the circles.
here is the bisqued clay in the metal sculpture. I will be glazing this week.