Woman of Color

I began with a photo from an old calendar. I was drawn to the photo of the cavern. Although rock, the soft curves, shapes and colors belie its strength. I decided to use it as my background. I drew the image of the woman and adhered it to the photo. For hair, I cut the shape from a vivid fabric. For shading and the eyes and lips, I used fabric that complemented the colors of the cavern. I looked at the images meld together and thought the soft curves, colors and shapes belie the strength of both the cavern and the woman.

A Woman Of Color 16 x 20 Collage/Paper and Fabric $200
Saxman 21 x 25 Linocut Print $250
Beethoven's 5th 24 x 36 Fabric $300
I Dream In Technicolor 18 x 24 Mixed media – fabric, paper, acrylic
Leontyne Price, Prima Donna Assulta 15x17 Mixed Media Collage $250
The Shedding
Delta Blues 19 x 25 Fabric $300
The Nature of Mother 18 x 24 Collage $175
Santa Fe 30 x 30 Fabric $300
The Art of a Peel

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abstract, collage