Um…Landscapes…flowers…water…nature my way

Once again, its all about the paint, the relationships and how I digest what mother nature throws at us.

Also, I’m very sorry about the quality of some of the photos. I absolutely love painting them, but am not great with shooting them before they sell. Generally, I think it is because there is an ongoing competition of who has more oil on them, myself or the painting, so I am not grabbing for the camera when working on them. Too many lenses with oil smears!

Summer Sun- Oil on canvas
Cranbrook Gardens- Oil on canvas
Studio shot
Jamaica- Oil on canvas
Early Snow in the Fall- Oil on canvas
1000 Petals- Oil on canvas
Huron- Oil on canvas
Detail of Cranbrook- Oil on canvas
Earthly Delights- Oil on canvas
Studio Shot 2
Sunflowers With Iris- Oil on canvas
Regeneration 1- Oil on canvas
Regeneration II- Oil on canvas
Regenration II- Oil on canvas
Regeneration Series-Scale shot