Trade Bead Line

A line of jewelry crafted with antique European trade beads. The beads used in this line were made in Venice, Italy between the period of mid 1800s to the early 1900s and acquired the name Trade Beads because they were subsequently traded for food, spices and safe passage through Africa, the Americas and Asia.

All blue necklace featuring blue patterned Venetian trade beads from the late 1800s and very old lapis lazuli beads. Price is 160$
A beautiful Venetian fancy Trade bead from the mid 1800s on a sterling silver chain. Price is 65$.
Bracelet featuring a late 1800s Venetian trade bead with an eye design as a focal and accented by vintage French glass pearls. Price is 65$.
Bracelet featuring a striking Venetian feather trade bead from the mid 1800s accented by Czech glass beads from the late 30s/early 1940s. Price is 65$.
A pair of earrings featuring beautiful Venetian fancy beads with flower trailing dating back to the 1870s. It is mounted on delicate gold filled filigree chain. Price is 65$.