Two paintings that are spiritual in nature. Both depicting a black woman in the midst of her feelings, giving praise to her higher power in prayer. Both paintings have hand written scriptures and prayers filling the background.

"Grandma's Love" This painting was inspired by an image in the Marvin Gaye video, INNER CITY BLUES. It depicts a black grandmother kneeling and praying while her granddaughter naps on her back. I hoped to capture the essence of a woman's love for her family while showing how safe and loved the child felt. It reminds of how I felt when I stayed with my grandmothers and great grandmother during the 1967 Detroit riots. 18"x24" acrylic on canvas *SOLD*
"Praise Him" Depicts a woman looking out over her city giving thanks and praise to her higher power. 18"x24" acrylic on canvas *SOLD*