Our galaxy is vast and uncharted. The unknown can be beautiful, but scary at the same time. We have planets that haven’t been found yet and the possibility of space exploration from galaxy to galaxy is exciting.

Vastness. 14x11 in. $150. The shine from the stars and the colors the gases in space creates, merge to bring us a beautiful spectacle.
Breaking Space 12x9in. $120. Through space and time, one tear can open up doorways, and shatter others.
Burst 14x11in. $150. With high powered telescopes, we can witness the bright burst of stars.
Confined 14x11in. $150. Perilous journeys through gas giants to enter the confines of a star can be treacherous.
Contained. 14x11in. $150. We have found one singular planet that is a possible canidate for terraforming. However, the ring of fire surroudning it is not allowing any of our satellites to enter and are burned on entry. Nothing wants to enter, or get out.
Space Path 11x14in. $150.
Meteor Shower 14x11in. $150. Even on Earth, without the noise and light pollution, we can witness the joy and beauty our galaxy can give us.
Nebula 8x10in. $70.
New Beginnings 20x16in. $350.
M9 Galaxy 14x11in. $150. With our passion for exploring space and finding new galaxies, we come across another one named M9. We have found two planets so far, one appears to be mostly water and the other appears hazardous.