Something Real

In an attempt to break the trance of fear, hate, and low self esteem our country is in, Megan is bringing light, love, and color through expression. The show is open to the public for three nights: May 19, 20, and 21. A full inventory of All Around Style apparel as well as jewelry will be on sale along with a display of paintings, poetry, and prints.
Something Real is the release of Megan’s book series, which are scanned versions of her journals starting in 2013. Volume one will be available at the show. The book series offers a raw look into the mind of Megan LaCroix with unedited thoughts, poetry, expressions, drawings and experiences. This book series was created to help others who feel lost or alone as well as bring to light the beauty of self acceptance, creativity, and inspiration through developing a narrative of self.

This journal and print series will lead into a second show diving further into identity and sexualization of the human body.

The show flier for Something Real by Megan LaCroix
The first nude portrait I released online and beginning of the Something Real photo series.
Something Real is the start of my conversation surrounding nudity and nature, and the balance between feminine and masculine.