Some Products from the heart

Although products aren’t my thing, I do have several series that I tend to revisit time and again.

Nest- steel, hand blown glass 6"
Nest- steel, hand blown glass 5"
Untraditional Valentines card! 6-8" I still have friends with these from 15 years ago! Steel
Tree cut Light boxes 6" x 8" Steel, Stained glass
One of a kind functional things- Steel window well
Steel railing for a home a process
Detroit Beer Co. back in the day with the brake rotor posts
Sign for Motor City Wine back when they were above Foran's
Custom sign for a friend
Some copper fish
Awards-Buena Vista Painted Steel, glass
10yr employee award for Strategic Staffing Solutions Chromed steel, glass
Welded some letters up there
Soft stuff