Sold Sculptures

84”x30”x30”. Steel, Plastics and Fiberglass. SOLD. “Command Center” was an experiment in lighting and shadow effect. The top tier is lined with 6” tall toy paratroopers. At the center of the paratroopers is a slow rotating beacon light. When this piece is positioned in the center of a 20’x20’ room, the effect is near lifesize paratrooper shadows swirling on the walls.
Brass Wall Sculpture 73” x 36” x 3”. SOLD
Carved wood, gesso, lacquer and hemp rope 17” x 11” x 5”. SOLD
Copper and hand forged steel chain lifesize. SOLD
Copper, hand forged chain, crocodile teeth and cotton rope lifesize. SOLD
Face of lifesize copper head. SOLD
Original design, scratch made speedform model 18” x 8” x 5.5”. SOLD
Scratch painting with steel frame 17” x 14”. SOLD
Multiple species wood carving with brass 17” x 9” x 4”. SOLD
Wood, fabricated pieces and found objects 19” x 17” x 5”. SOLD
Original scratch built speedform 20” x 9” x 5”. SOLD
Assorted hand formed original speedform models. SOLD
Hand formed, hammered copper and brass leaves, lifesize. SOLD
Lacquered Carved wood, copper and aluminum 25” x 20” x 19”. SOLD
Rolls Royce Merlin airplane engine. Cardboard and gesso. SOLD
Cardboard and gesso 99” height. SOLD
Airplane Chandelier. Wood and plastic 105” x 99” x 30”. SOLD
Brass 17” x 12” x 7”. SOLD
Copper and glass lifesize. SOLD
Copper and glass lifesize. SOLD
Copper, steel and hemp lifesize. SOLD
Copper, hand forged steel and cotton rope lifesize. SOLD
Hammer welded forged steel and wood lifesize. SOLD