Social Injustice in America

A series of 14 paintings depicting how in American society we discriminate against anyone that does not fit a particular mold. Discrimination stared with the black race, but now it has speared to women, gays, Mexicans, Muslims , the handicapped, and the list goes on.

"Shame" Oil on canvas 30" X 40" $2,000.
Discending Your Throne, You Became a Slave" Oil on canvas 36" X 36" $3,000.
"America, Land of the Free" Oil/collage on canvas 30" X 40" $3,000.
"Justice Crucified" Acrlylic / Collage on Paper board-framed-Glass. 23" X 29" $1,500.
"Inequality in America" Oil on canvas 16" X 20" $800.00