Coral Extinction? 20"x14"x3" $600
Perfectly Placed Pair of Pears 10"x8"x6.5" Bronze, Steel, Slate $1100
Feminine Strength 60"x22"x14" Steel and Ceramic $900
Escaped 39.5"x10"x10" Steel and Ceramic $800
Bloomstrong 31"x13"x13" Ceramic and Steel $550
Vrouwentong (Women's Tongue) 22"x11"x10" Raku and Steel $800
Moonsplainer 68"x13"x13" Ceramic and Steel $1200
WK3shp@NRDSTRM Steel and Powdercoat 37"x14"x12" $450
Horse Chestnut 9"x6"x4" Bronze and Steel $550
Triangulated Escape 28"x22"x22" Steel and Powdercoat $450
Purple Bug 22"x25"x17" Steel and Powdercoat $450
Versenkt 25"x19"x4.5" Steel, Powdercoat and Raku $325
Peek 11"x13"x5" Steel, Powdercoat and Ceramic $350
Squeezed 15"x8"x14" Steel, Powdercoat and Ceramic
Gourde 23.5"x15"x4" Steel, Powdercoat and Raku $350
Camoufler 19"x19"x16.5" Steel, powdercoat and Raku $800
Pinch 12"x16"x5" Steel, Powdercoat and Ceramic $350
Chuan 23"x14"x3.5" Steel, Powdercoat and Raku $400