Copper, Steel and Urethane. Lifesize
Copper and Glass. Lifesize
Mixed Woods and Brass. 17”x8”x4”
Copper, Steel and Hemp. Lifesize
Lacquered Wood, Aluminum and Steel. 22”x22”x20”
Copper and Steel. Lifesize
Brass. 17”
Lacquered Wood and Steel. 26” Tall
Copper and Glass Head. Lifesize
Chain Smoker Choker.
Copper, Steel and Cotton. Lifesize
Chandelier. Wood and Gesso. 99”x96”x30”
Wood, Steel and Paper Mache. 36”x35”x25”
“War Paint”. Canvas Wrapped Gallon Paint Cans. Ongoing Project.
Display Stands. Bronze 3”-6”
Cardboard and Gesso. 98” Tall
Steel and Copper. Lifesize
Rolls Royce Merlin Engine. Cardboard and Gesso. 88”x35”x28”
Scrap Wood, Plastic and Steel. 28” Length
True Stories. Mixed. 26”(Opened)x16”x5”
Brass, Aluminum, Urethane, Lacquer and Steel. 10” Height
Carved and Lacquered Urethane
Brass. 10”x7”x4”
Model Engine. copper, Brass, Steel. 9” Length