THIS SERIES OF PAINTINGS piggybacks off of the work of Jaime Black,
a Canadian artist… her RED DRESS installations, actual dresses hanging in trees outdoors, have been displayed in both Canada and the United States.
Her work has motivated me to paint red dresses to recognize the loss of thousands of indigenous women missing and murdered on Native American tribal lands.
My series is about creating art as awareness, recognizing that there is an issue, and remembering those women of color lost to violent crimes committed against them… whether it’s domestic violence, racial discrimination, rape or hate.

"Hanging In the Balance", Spray Paint and acrylic on wrapped canvas, 15x30, $500
Her Sparkle Still Remains, Spray paint, acrylic, and liquid glitter on wrapped canvas, 18x24, $500
Gone but Not Forgotten, Remembering Alberta Williams, oil pastel and acrylic on wrapped canvas, 16x20, $400
Can't Hide the Truth, 36x36, Spray paint and acrylic on wrapped canvas, $900
"Vanished", 30x24, Spray Paint and acrylic on wrapped canvas, $750

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