Experimentation and a love of color, shape, and geometric pattern are the focus of my process. I paint with acrylics and collage found materials into pieces. I am attracted to the freedom in children’s art and seek to capture that spontaneity and joy. The organization of color, pattern, texture, value, space, and shape take precedence over theme or story. Meaning is found in the viewer’s interpretation of what he sees. I love pattern and small details, which I use to create rhythm and flow. Using many different size elements, give the viewer an exciting journey through each piece.

CARNIVAL SUNDAY 18x36 Mixed Media on Canvas $1700
NIGHT INDABA 36x36 Mixed Media on Canvas SOLD
ME TOO 24x30 Mixed Media on Canvas $1800
JOURNEY 24x24 Mixed Media on Tar Paper SOLD
FUN HOUSE 36x36 Mixed Media on Canvas $2100
SUMMER INDABA 30x40 Mixed Media on Canvas $2400
Standing Sculptures 5' tall x10" diameter Mixed Media $1500 each