Paintings 2019

Deeply inspired by the beauty of flowers and landscapes, I push my subject to a place of gestural abstraction with sweeping gestures, layering curves, heightened by bold saturated tones. The process of mark making, color choice, and composition happens mostly subconsciously. It matures to a gestural dance revealing my utmost authentic voice; a dreamlike reconfiguration of emotional meanings.
The resulting work is vibrant, complex and meant to make intimate connections with the audience, invoking both my vision and feeling of a world where beauty and vulnerability are the touching keystones.

Belle Isle Memory, 30"x40"
Let Me Down Easy, acrylic & mixed media, 36"x36"
Sun Flowers, Acrylic & mixed media, 40"x40"
Following Rivers, acrylic & mixed media, 40"x40"
Lost River, acrylic &mixed media, 36"x36"
Summer in Provence, encaustic on panel, 48"x48"