Painting Series – Constructs of Romantic Discord *THE PUBLIC

This series of work is centrally focused on the modern woman and the reflection of self. All pieces speak to the resilience of young women as a whole throughout their day to day lives.

The works are subdivided into two categories:
the public vs. the private.

The PUBLIC MOMENTS: are those we choose to share with the world. These pieces are interpretations of photos the women have taken of themselves and shared on social media. In hindsight; these are selfies…moments of self where the women in these photos are curating themselves via the image they share online. Most importantly, the women in these photos are celebrating and sharing their own individuality. These pieces are meant to highlight the true strength, resilience, beauty and depth women embody even just in passing, in those small everyday moments.

The PRIVATE MOMENTS: are the moments when we don’t feel the world is watching. How do we choose to spend that time and how of this time do we actually belong to ourselves? These pieces are a study of self reflection and poses the question what or who do we allow to occupy our thoughts when we are alone.

"I feel you Mailbox" - 36"x 36" Oil on Canvas
"I Made $3 Today" - 36"x 36" Oil on Canvas
"I Was Really High and Liked the Patterns" - 36"x 36" Oil on Canvas
"It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" - 36"x 36" Oil on Canvas
"Untitled" - 36"x 36" Oil on Canvas
"Upside down Smiley Face" - 36"x 36" Oil on Canvas
"Workout Fail" - 36"x 36" Oil on Canvas