Painting and Studio Sketches

My work is intuitive based.
I enjoy working with all sorts of mediums. I use materials as an alchemist would.
I enjoy the mystery through the process of creating new vision and form…and all the transformation that happen while in the creative laboratory and birthing chambers!
This is the main ingredient to how i make….to always trust my intuition and to listen to what the work wants to become.

Alchemy is defined as the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained. An example of using alchemy is a person who takes a pile of scrap metal and turns it into beautiful art.

(I will add information on work and add more work little by little) please check back!
thank you.

Inside Out - Mixed Media painting on wood (available).
Shape of things- acrylic on paper.
Shape of things- acrylic on paper.
Shape of things- acrylic on paper.
Fox Lady with Purple Coat- Acrylic on paper- resides in Oakland, California.
Soul Shields- MIxed Media on wood- Available
Angel with Tree Harp- mixed media on wood- Available
Angel Emerging- Mixed media on paper- Resides in Canada
Angel Passing- Mixed Media on paper- resides in MI.
Beardman- sketch on paper
Lady in Black Hat- framed and matted. watercolor, paper, (available) 2 ' w x 3' h
Buttons' mixed media on paper-
In Memory of Ingrid- mixed media on paper_ resides in MI
Requiem- mixed media - (Available)
Wolf- watercolor on paper- resides in Goteborg Sweden
Alan and Brad_ work resides in MI.
Lighthouse days- watercolor on paper- Resides in Davis, California
Ballad # 38 Mixed media on Canvas- (available)
Find the Music- Watercolor on paper- (Available)
Pencil and charcoal sketch
Wisdom Keepers- Mixed media- (Available)
Wisdom Seeker- Detail (Available)
"A Place Inside" Photo montage- elements used- Photo, drawing. (available in print).
"Cosmic Dance" mixed media on paper- paint, buttons, cloth, handmade paper 3'w x 2'h -privately owned, Germany