Interpretative works exploring reactions while having a casual discussion “speaking with strangers”. Challenging each viewer to comprehend the actual human sense of each conversation. Designed with a with a limited color pallet, some hard edge work, and a minimum canvas size of 24″x 24″.

LA CHICA, 30"x30", Acrylic on Canvas, $1,800
SAY WHAT NOW, 30"x30", Acrylic on Canvas, $1,800
Satisfied With My Expectations, 30"x30" Oil on Unstretched Canvas, $1,800
MIMI, 30'x30', Acrylic on Canvas, $1,800
Intensity With Resolve, 30"x30" Oil on Unstretched Canvas, $1,800
FIONA, 30"x30" Acrylic on Canvas, $1,800
"TBA" Study, 12"x12" Acrylic on Gessobord, $100
PUTTING ME BACK TOGETHER, 24"x18" Acrylic on MDF, $300, This painting is a study for a larger work.
MM...............30"x30" oil on unstreached canvas, $1,970
Elvis.................30"x30" oil on unstreached canvas, $1,970
Christina A...........30"x30" oil on unstreached canvas, $1,970
"Selfi", 24"x18" Oil on Canvas Panel, $400
Selfi #1, 24"x18", Oil on Canvas Panel, $400
Danielle #2, 30"x30", Acrylic on unstreached canvas, #1,800
Madre Del Sole, 30"x30", Acrylic on Canvas, $1,800
He Is What He Is, 30"x30", Acrylic on Canvas. $1,800