New Birds 2008

Six weeks of making birds and bird related art for a two woman show at the Abreact theater in downtown Detroit. Those were some fun times. All of these pieces have sold save one, which is in my garden. Shovel parts, cymbals, boiler panels, copper strips, steel scrap, rebar, found objects…these were all materials used in this series with a combination of mig welding, torch cutting and bending, and plasma cutting. All of the paint you see was existing on the parts I used, All the rusts came like that, the only color work I did was to Blue bird, and that was a cupric nitrate on a brass drum cymbal. Also, a little on the girl that I kept. Enjoy! Oh! And the big nest was seen by several people before it sold and I was able to become an inaugural artist for the Lincoln art Park with that big nest! Not that big nest, a new one was built.

"Priss" stainless steel, peridot
"Subtle" mine
"Old Man"
"Egg" steel 18"
"Blue Bird"
The Big Nest 36"across
Cast Aluminum in there