Nature’s Refuge

A collection of acrylic paintings on canvas of trees, land and water in vibrantly lush colors. Created with palette knives and brushes, this group of paintings provides an escape to the woods, the water, and the wonder of home.

"Homestead", 36"x36", Acrylic on canvas, $900, Home built by a civil war veteran, circa 1888, framed by original oak trees.
"Erastus's Earth", 28"x22", Acrylic on canvas, $600, Inspired by trees on historic hallowed ground. Trees that can heal and provide a sheltering canopy.
"After the Storm", 30"x24", Acrylic on canvas, $700, After the ocean rages, calm descends and the light reappears. And the broken tree limbs still dance.
"Lily Pad Garden", 36"x36", Acrylic on Canvas, $900, The water sparkles with the life of the sun shining on lilies and pads.
"The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow", 36x36, Acrylic on Canvas, $900, The majesty of trees and the sun looking down warmly upon us.
"Wander", 40"x30", Acrylic on canvas, $800, Not only does nature provide a place to escape but also a vital energy source.
"Beauty of Detroit", 36"x18", Acrylic on canvas, The river viewed from Belle Isle and the Detroit skyline rising up in glory.