Nature Art Portraits

For the past few years, I’ve been drawn to nature art. Andy Goldsworthy was my inspiration. Since my exposure to other nature artists work, I’ve started to develop my style of art. I’ve always loved watching and drawing anime growing up and I think it shows in my work. I have a philosophical approach to how I select my materials. I like to work with things left behind by nature, mostly leaves, sticks and fallen petals. I dont want to “take” anything that is still living and growing, though I will use things people have already cut, like grass or tree limbs at arboretums. I am enjoying this newer and I think untapped form of art.

"Autumn Leaves Calling"- 14"x 9" $150
Prints available "Watcher of the Woods"
Native Amarican Commission Original Sold- Prints are available "Waiting Bride".
Prints available- "Spiritual Connection".
"Magnificent Magnolia" prints available