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Mike Damn Nobody Playlist
Island of misfit Noise Playlist
Low Morale - Mongoloid (DEVO), Samhain Party 1995, a short-lived group. We got paid in beer...which I don't drink.
The Impaler and Mike Nobody at The Magic Stick, Detroit (February 1998), This was the infamous "Wesley Willis vs The Impaler" show. We opened for Wesley Willis. Then, joined him onstage at the end. Wesley left mid-song to go take a piss.
N-2 Submission (featuring The Impaler) at The Record Collector, Ferndale 1997, Believe it or not, it was SUPPOSED to sound like that. The Impaler gained some notoriety playing with Detroit noise group Princess Dragon-Mom. So, I tried pulling him back to his roots a bit with simple rhythmic bursts while the other guitarist went wild. N-2 Submission, backing band for The Impaler, never rehearsed and seldom had the same lineup from one show to the next. We just showed up at the gig and improvised every time. Mark St. Christopher, the other guitarist, talked me into putting black goop on my face for "theatrics." It sucks and I only did it once. Mark could play. But, he had diarrhea of the guitar, just nonstop solos...sometimes one long solo through the whole set, even between songs. He could make the guitar talk, but couldn't make it shut up!