Mural : Homage to legendary Detroit Artist LeRoy Foster

Fantastic mural (On Livernois, south of McNichols across from University of Detroit) mostly done by master airbrush artist, the great Felle. I only painted the Crown.

Detroit Mural Homage to LeRoy Foster( On Livernois across from University of Detroit). I'm only halfway through painting the Crown.
Detail of the completed mural ( on Livernois across from the University of Detroit) Homage to LeRoy Foster, done by Master Airbrush Artist Felle. The Mural is 90 feet by 30 feet, the crown was completed by me, painted by brush, the rest of the mural was airbrushed by the Fantastic Felle!
The completed Crown in the mural: Homage to LeRoy Foster (On Livernois, south of McNichols, across from the University of Detroit). The mural 90 x 30 ft, was airbrushed by the Master, Felle, The Crown was my doing, painted by brush.

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