Moving Still Life Artwork

After seeing Cézanne’s Basket of Apples at a NY museum, I decided I wanted to try painting still life pieces that were anything but…

As I progressed through this experiment I became more confident in what I wanted to express and how. (This portfolio is built on my progression)

All pieces are in inventory.

Tumbling Still Life / 24" x 24" / Acrylic / $2,800. The first of my un-still life paintings, this tumbling over the edge painting has striking blue undertones that help electrify the piece, making the colors pop from the canvas.
Blue Bottle With Bird / 28" x 28" / Acrylic / $3,900. My neighbor's pet bird was perched on his shoulder one sunny afternoon, so I snapped a few images and off I ran! I love what he brings to this vibrant and eclectic piece. Radishes. Who paints radishes? The warm purple hue of this painting adds a perfect backdrop for the other colors.
Unbalanced Breakfast / 30" x 30" / Oil on canvas / $6,500. Keeping my viewers off kilter makes me smirk so I've created a few paintings in this theme. Unbalanced Breakfast is a study in palette knife work as well as composition and under-coloring. I especially enjoy the nude shadows layered into the wall behind the table. They work to keep the piece moving. Does it feel as though the items are toppling over? Good. Enjoy it.