Love Your Self – ArtPrize Exhibition 2015

Love Yourself is my personal motto. Love is the answer to all of our misunderstandings and negativity. We experience a range of emotions every day but none so potent as love. In United States culture we are taught to compare ourselves to others. When we compare ourselves to others we lose track of who we really are what what it means to be an individual. Love yourself for who you are; differences and all. When you truly love yourself the world is much brighter. The colors of the hearts represent how when we shine as ourselves, we shine together too. The heart symbol is iconic for love, comfort, admire oneself and each other. My proposed piece for ArtPrize is a large scale painting of hearts in a spectrum of colors in our life. Some times all you need is a little bit of love!

A photo of a screen printed Love Your Self t shirt in front of my two hand built, stretched and painted panoramic paintings.
A portrait of Me, the artist , in front of one of the two panoramic paintings I built for ArtPrize 2015.
A portrait of my grand mother in front of the other half of the panoramic series, Love Your Self.
The third large scale, hand built, stretched and painted canvas as part of my Love Yourself ArtPrize exhibition.
Full Panorama, 2 paintings