Large format encaustic monotype process

Encaustic monotype is a printmaking process using heat and encaustic to make one-of-a-kind prints on a variety of papers. Here I share my process for making extremely large scale prints. My imagery comes from a mix of satellite images, data, maps all relating to climate change, watersheds and rivers.

working on the stencil - sharpie on duralar over reference large format digital print
drawing the stencil
Stencil laid out - it's 40" x 120"
The duralar stencil is mounted over my hot box, ready to lay down some color - note this is not the same piece as earlier images
First pass of color on the stencil
More color on the stencil
Here I've mounted a roll of Rives BFK - ready to make the print!
Printing! I use Japanese barens to push the color from the duralar on to the paper.