Jewelry inspired sculptures

A collection of pieces I’ve made in the past 12 years, most of which have sold

Leaf Series 18" Steel and hand hammered copper
"Aventine Brooch I" 14" sq Mahogany, stainless steel, copper rivets, hand hammered copper domes
"Aventine Brooch II" 14"sq Wood, steel, copper
"Aventine brooch III" 14"sq Wood, steel, copper
"Aventine Brooch IV" 14"sq Wood, Stainless steel, copper, sterling silver
"Blue BIrd" from the 2008 New Birds show 48" Found objects, rebar
"Blue Bird" detail- cymbals, shovel parts, and a nifty patina
"Ferryj Street Portrait" 14"sq Burned Ferry St. house parts, copper, found objects
"Purple Heart Brooch" Purple Heart, Stainless steel, copper