Mara Magyarosi-Laytner is a Detroit based artist, photographer, and alternative process enthusiast. Her work typically pairs double exposure photography with inkjet transfer processes to explore the impact anxiety disorders have on the human condition.

Her current work, Hyperstimulation, uses wild, bright colors and complex imagery to bring to light the different visual impairments that can happen with these disorders. By the use of 3D glasses, Mara has discovered how to induce Hyperstimulation to viewers of the work.

Hyperstimulation is a visual representation of a “stress response,” which is the physiological action that the body takes in a fight or flight situation. Although stress responses take many forms, visual hyperstimulation usually manifests as ghosted images, shimmers, blurs, and can feel as if one is in a surreal and dream-like state.

Hyperstimulation 0491 - 11x14"
Hyperstimulation 0486 - 11x14"
Hyperstimulation 0476 - 11x14"
Hyperstimulation 0468 - 11x14"