Horror Artwork

From the darkest and bleakest of dreams, creatures demonic in nature, prey on the innocent and lust for the powerful. Twisting and turning their desires into their own malicious and horrific pleasure.

Lightd on Kid. 11x14in. $50
Cover Protection Breached. 11x14. $50
Laugh for Me. 11x14in. $50
Subconscious Desire. 8x10In. $125
No Freedom. 8x10in. $125
Succubus Feast. 11x14in. $125
Succubus Eternal Pleasure. 14x11in. $450. This was part of the 11th Annual DAMNED Show at the Tangent Gallery in Detroit.
Demoness 11x14. $400. "Oh, I see you've been placed under my care. Dont' worry, I'll make sure you're comfortable. You're going to experience pleasure...and pain like you've never experienced before. Welcome to your new abode, for eternity." This was for a horror art show, but as you can see, I just got this done because of life getting in the way.