. The “hard edge” technique is somewhat of a return to the semi abstract 1960″s California hard edge school, with a more human touch. I am forever grateful for all I’ve learned from the great masters of hardedge work including Deborah Remington, Alex Couwenberg and Ryan Hewett. I am developing this technique and process for a new body of work, which will include several similar paintings as part of a series within that work.

Feather Prism #3; 24"x18" Oil on Canvas $400
Feather Prism #3a: 24"x18" $400
Kite Prism #5 , 18"x24", $400
Fingernail Moon Prism #6, 24"x24", $400
Sail Prism #7, 24"x18", $400
Lily Prism #8: 24"x18" $400