Functional Ceramics

A collection of photos of my recent work using Standard 266 stoneware clay body and Runyan Speckled Buff clay body. You’ll see both raw work and finished work in this portfolio. Wheel thrown and hand built pieces are reflected as well.

A few of the finished coffee mugs.
Hand built sugar and creamer set. This set was design specifically without handles.
Finished platter.
Large shallow platter glaze detail.
Sugar and creamer set, hand built.
Finished salt and pepper set, hand built.
Hanging tray bird feeder.
Hanging tray bird feeder.
Detail on hanging tray bird feeder.
Hanging tray bird feeder in use. Attracts Tufted Titmouse, Chickadees, Nuthatches and sparrows.
Detail of glaze on sushi set.
Detail of glaze and hand pulled handle on beer stein.
Pint beer stein.
Pint beer stein.
Coffee time!
Sushi set.