Beauty, strength, sensuality, power.

Mara: Savior. 14x11in. The last of an ancient race superhumans and her special Dracon rescue the last beacon of hope for humanity from a tyrannical dictator.
Perfection. 11x14in. Concept of what these "Angelic G-People" would look like. The females retain their humanity, but were nude.
Alina Sophia Henessy, Mother Tyrannus. 9x12in. Concept of a dinosaur idea that popped in my head last year. Alina is the Queen of the Tyrannosaurs.
Portrait of a waitress I met a few years ago. 9x12in.
Shin G People Angel 1. 9x12in. One of two of these female "Angelic G People" and I showed what the "Male" are depicted.
Shin G People Angel 2. 9x12in. The second of a female "Angelic G People".
Alina Sophia Henessy, Mother Tyrannus. 9x12in. One outfit concept.
Godzilla: Gaia's Children. 9x12in. Gaia has had enough of humanities negligence of taking care of the planet and has taken it upon herself to watch as her children teach humanity the error of their ways. You can not kill a God.