This portfolio contains the pieces that will be in the upcoming three person show at Art Queen gallery in Joshua Tree, CA for the months of September and October 2018.

THE INNOCENTS 66 x 13.5 This piece honors all of the abused children and fellow beings that have been bullied and harmed by those operating from greed and unconscious wrath. Within everyone is a divine connection that is our birthright. It cannot be destroyed. It is my hope that all may find it.
The Helper 58 x 24 x 24 Nature has the ability to renew itself as seen in seeds that hold the promise of regeneration. In these dark times we need help to awaken to who we are as connected beings in the natural world. In his book, Return of the Bird Tribe Ken Carey tells of the Native American prophesy of the ascended masters or bird tribe that will come back to assist us in healing the world if we will return to love and respect for all living things.
The High Priestess of the Invisible World 7'5" x 23" x 13.5" Everything is energy including us. As we tune in to the vibration of the natural world, we have a new system of knowing and being.
She Doesn't Talk 45 x 37 I created this piece on top of a tapestry that I made in college. It is a shrine of recognition to my shamed younger self. She is surrounded by divine feminine protection simultaneously as destructive forces close in.
Burning Down the House 32 x 21 x 2 This piece is about releasing the past in order to stay present in the moment and tune in to subtle energies.
Subliminal Wanderer 12" x 15" Exploration of new territory.