Ethereal Whites

Handwoven Semi-Transparent Textile Wall Hangings

Mast | Handwoven linen, silk, and wire | 45 x 48 inches | $5200
Closeup view of Mast: Fine linen, woven on a floor loom, and then handwoven through with fine copper wires and silk-wrapped wires.
Undulation | Woven cotton, linen, silk, and wire | 84 x 28 inches | $5200
Closeup view of Undulation: Neatly finished, silk-wrapped metal rings.
3D Sketch | Handwoven linen and copper wire | 28w x 48h x 14d inches
Progression | Handwoven linen and patinated copper | 14 x 45 inches | $1200
Delicate Armor | Handwoven linen and copper wire | 20w x 50h x 14d inches