Color Play

Playing with the interaction of colors to visually express feelings, emotions, musings and meditations on life and the cosmos.. These are spontaneous and intuitive responses with color strokes and marks to create an image that expresses the moment. Thinking becomes subconscious while I let the painting tell me what to do next and when to stop. The end is never in sight, it is all about the process of letting go of preconceived ideas. It is like a Zen meditation.

Purple Majesty, Oil on Canvas (highly textured), 40H x 50w, Price:2700
Landscape, Oil on canvas (highly textured), 40H x 50W, Price: 2800, currently not for sale
Cross Roads, Oil on Canvas, 50H x 40W (textured surface). Price: $2800
Escape from structure (Clouds), Oil on canvas, 50h x 40w inches, Price: 2700
Hope Springs Eternal, Oil on Canvas (textured), 50H x 40W Price: $2800
Dreams, Oil on canvas, 40H x 48W, Price: 2200
Holding Back The Fire, Oil on canvas, 40H x 50W, Price: $2300
Fire and Ice, Oil on Canvas, 40x50, Price:2000
Purple Haze, Oil on Canvas, 40H x 50w. Price: 2600
Structure and Freedom, Oil on canvas, 40hx50w. Price:2700
Window Into Mind, Oil on canvas, 40h x 50w. Price: 2500
Movement Studies, Oil on canvas, 30h x 40w. Price: 1800
String Theory, Oil on Canvas, 50h x 40w, Price:$2800
A Little Beauty Along The Way, Oil on canvas, 40x50. Price: 2800
Natures Wonder, Oil on canvas, 30x40. Price: 2000
Traces, Oil on canvas, 36x36. Price: $1200