chain sculpture

Light as a feather this sculpture was created for a client to float over a conference table. It’s a mid century inspired piece of five interlocking curved closed loops, irregular and a bit like potato chips. Overall dimensions are 72″ × 24″ × 18″. The portfolio features the process of making which involve digital design, cnc routers, architectural foam and resins, assembly, ppg metallic painted finish. Making the piece explored using thick steel plate, thin metals to be chrome plated, and eventual final creation with contemporary light weight materials in response to safety and budgetary factors.

one chain loop, primered and sanded
opening a chain loop to create a continuous 5 unit sculpture
collection of fabricated chain loops, before assembly
positioning the irregular shape elements together, floated of foam blocks to secure
i gridded the paper underneath the elements to match the scale of the drawing. the elevation positioning was done with measuring tape and a t square
rough assembly
My favorite angle view!
the curves are quite elegant and reflective, all while being uniquely different, almost like leaves on a branch or petals on a flower.
painting day!!
exploring the geometry
exploring the geometry
the upturned ends
finished view 1
finished view 2
finished view 3 (above or below)