Being a photographer is synonymous with being a collector, gathering images, recording moments and cataloging events. Creating art for me comes from a deep interest in science and biology. I value plants as totally artistic architectural structures and I’m intrigued by their elements, cell shapes, fractals and vibrancy.
The botanical portfolio “intimate portraits” is a collection of work printing large scale on aluminum. Each specimen is collected and photographed in the studio. I work with botanical gardens to produce portfolios of endangered and interesting subjects. A small edition of prints 5-10 are printed of each image for collectors. Images can also be printed on paper in a variety of sizes.
Polychrome on Aluminum can be printed 48×90, Archival Prints on Paper up to 40 x 60.

Batflower , Belle Isle Conservatory 30x45 4600.00 polychrome on aluminum
Epiphite 40x60 6400.00 polychrome on aluminum part of a series can be used together
Buddleja Chicago Botanical Garden 45 x 30 4600.00 polychrome on aluminum
Lotus, 36 x 50 5400.00 polychrome on aluminum
Ranunculus 40 x 60 7500.00 polychrome on aluminum
Intimate Portrait Collage Many single bloom shots available 24x24 2500.00 polychrome on aluminum
Tulips 26 x 50 5400.00 polychrome on aluminum
Desmanthus Cranbrook Gardens 36 x 70 7400.00 polychrome on aluminum
Dogwood Morton Arboretum 36 x 70 7400.00 polychrome on aluminum