Belle Isle/ Metaphor of Flora/ The Weight of Orchids encaustic monotypes 2017-2020

encaustic monotypes on Japanese paper

Deeply inspired by the beauty of flowers and landscapes, I push my subject to a place of gestural abstraction with sweeping gestures, layering curves, heightened by bold saturated tones. The process of mark making, color choice, and composition happens mostly subconsciously. It matures to a gestural dance revealing my utmost authentic voice; a dreamlike reconfiguration of emotional meanings.
The resulting energetic work shows a lush world, where nature is in constant celebration and invokes both my vision and feeling of a world where beauty and vulnerability are the touching keystones.
Detroit, 2019

The Printing Process
I am painting on a hot aluminum plate with liquid beeswax and pigments. The image is transferred while laying the Japanese paper carefully face down and hand rubbing it with a Japanese burin. The loose fiber absorbs the wax, the image bleeds partially through the backside and the paper can then be pulled from the plate. I wipe the plate clean, paint the next image, and print again. One montype is made of multiple, close to 100, unique printing processes printed on both sides of the paper.
I print in sections, since often the paper is larger than my plate, plus the printing process is challenging. The already printed image re-melts each additional time I put the paper down to add another detail. Often, I roll the paper up and only print the still white paper areas in order to keep the already achieved design crisp. At the very end, in multiple runs I print the backside of the paper to create the back-ground color.
The paper gets translucent and saturated with the pigmented wax. The colors are uniquely brilliant and luminous and metal pigments sit as an embellishment on top of the paper.

Belle isle VI, encaustic monotype, framed 31"x44", $2450
Belle Isle IX, encaustic monotype, framed 31"x44", $2450
Metaphora of Flora X, encaustic monotype on Kozo,28"x25.5", framed,32"x29.5", $1800
The Weight of Orchids X, encaustic monotype on Kozo, 38"x25", framed, 42"x29", $2450
The Weight of Orchids XXXXII, encaustic monotype on Kozo, 54"x30", $2900
First Bloom, encaustic monotype on Kozo, 25"x38", $1800
Full Bloom, encaustic monotype on Kozo, 21.5"x29", $1200
Zinnias, encaustic monotype on Kozo, 38"x25", $1800
MyJoyous Heart, encaustic monotype on Kozo, 38"x25", $1800
Poppies I, encaustic monotype on Kozo, 38"x25", $1800
Power Over Me, encaustic on Japanese paper, 38"x25", $1800