Artwork under $500

I’ve been asked to provide access to artwork that’s under $500 for buyers who have a specific budget.

From Afar / 15" x 11" / acrylic on canvas / $350 / unframed - abstract brush and knife work. Created during a painting workshop that centered around Mexican themes, I flew with this abstract piece, cutting in with knives and layering brights over dull grey to help convey the glow of the mountainside. An electric cloud trail extends through the canvas.
The Big O / 14" x 11" / acrylic on canvas / $350 / unframed - abstract brush and knife work. This piece is my attempt at expressing the pleasures achieved while physically loving another human being. The black is NOT from a tube but is a mix of deep brown or deep plum.
BUILD FROM WITHIN / 11" x 2.5" x 1” / wood/wool yarn/monofilament / $125 - A flawed, organic, living structure (the body), firm yet yielding to outside pressure, houses a myriad of emotional opportunities wrapping around each experience and perception of a person’s own reality (yarn) while at the same time non-stop input through physical senses, the subconscious and educational growth are developed and multiplied as the formation of taught synapsis (monofilament) creating each individual’s personal journey ’til death. *INSTRUCTIONS: This piece may be hung through the opening at the back/top. Please make sure to “fluff” the yarn upwards so that the beautiful, flawed edges of the wood are visible.