Art by Sharlene (Welton)

I am a painter of trees. A painter of nature. Inspired by memories, connecting with my emotions and vibrant colors. I find beauty and calm in landscapes and mind scapes.
The introspective part of art is significantly therapeutic for me. My abstract paintings reflect a world more within, searching for a way out, a way to connect with a present despair or moody energy.
With brush and palette knife, I create with lush, vibrant hues, transporting myself and others into a visual version of my “home”.

The Lightness of Trees, 16x20, Acrylic on wrapped canvas, $400
"Our Roots", 16x20, Acrylic on wrapped canvas, $400
"Erastus's Earth", 28x22, Acrylic on wrapped canvas, $600
"Perspective", 18x36, Acrylic on Canvas, $475
"Waiting", 16x20, Mixed Media on wrapped canvas, $300