As a long-time admirer of beautiful buildings, houses and gardens, my Architecture series explores how to interpret these in a minimal style while still conveying their essential structure and feeling. An added dimension to this work is my appreciation of the beauty of these human-made structures. Our species has much to be concerned about in this era and these works pay tribute to those who built us places for our souls to pause and be restored.
My current work explores the intersection of drama and serenity through the use of line. I’m fascinated by trying to find out how much I can distill and take away while continuing to convey the essence of my subject. Working in black and white further assists in keeping the focus on line.

Canterbury #2, 38" x 38", textile, $3000
Notre Dame, 57" x 78", textile, $8500
ND24, 22" x 22", textile, $595
Burton-Judson, 40" x 40", textile, $1700
Tower Court, 20" x 20", textile, $295