Godzilla Artwork Portfolio

A collection of Godzilla and other Daikaiju artwork I have created over the years. Godzilla being the biggest pop culture icon for over 60 years, he’s been a metaphor for the destruction of nuclear weapons, the destructive power of nature and a environmentalist in the late 60s and 70s. Plus a hero for the kids.

Gorgo. 9x12in. This was a birthday gift for a friend.
Godzilla: Eradication. 12x16.
Zilla Jr. 8x10in.
Legendary Godzilla ink. 12x9in.
Destroyer of Worlds. 8x10in.
Thy Kingdom Come. 12x16in.
Resting King. 11x14in.
Godzilla Junior, Prince of the Monsters 11x14in.
Humanities stupidity. 16x12in.
Family 16x12in.