Abstract Expression, Oil on canvass, Pallet Knife Work

In the Moment Explorations in color combinations created by overlapping pallet knife strokes and layers of color application

Mythical Forest, Oil on Canvass, 40 x 50. Sold
Star Burst, Oil on Canvass, 40 x 50. Price: $1800
Far Away, Oil on canvass, 40x50. Price: Sold
Beyond the Wall, 40x50, Oil on Canvass (impasto) Price: 2600
Untitled 1, Oil on canvass, 40x50 Price: $2800
Winter, Oil on Canvass, 40 x 50, Price: $2300
Enchantment Begins, Oil on Canvass, 40 x 50
Eve of Destruction, Oil on Canvass (impasto), 40 x 50, Price: 2800
Nebula, 40x50 Oil on Canvas (impasto), Price: 3000