2019 Abstract Works

2019 – Not much in the way of finished works this year. However I did thrive a bit in discovery mode. Clay hand-building, painting on wood, and a couple little crafty items sorta led to a very tactile year. I needed to get my hands into it. Feeling is seeing I guess.

"Falling is So Much Fun" 12"x36" acrylic on canvas. $250
How cute is this little hand-built ceramic bowl? It looks like a vanilla hot fudge sundae!
"Rising Higher" A triptych for a beautiful friend. 3 - 12"x36"x1.5 Acrylic on canvas.
“Return to Innocence.” Most of my abstracts reflect the mood I was in at the time that I created them; whether I used a brush or a wedge, bold colors or pastels, whether I had broad splashes of paint or tiny details. But “Return to Innocence” reflects much more. I painted this during the time of the MSU gymnastics/Larry Nassar hearings. I think I was deeply affected by the ordeal, and very moved by all the brave young women who stepped up to a microphone and re-counted their horrific experience with that man. Whenever I look at this painting I still feel that to this day. This piece embodies a gentle flow of young femininity followed by a bit of remaining darkness; bits of bruising, and slight rips into innocence that still need mending. 24x36x.5” Acrylic on Canvas. $420
The "beautiful friend" and owner of "Rising Higher"
This strong, sturdy, robust piece didn’t have a name for awhile but I referred to it as “Big Guy.” And so it is. 11.5” x 47” x .75 thick Pine plank w acrylics, wood stains, oils. Tried to allow some of the natural character of the wood to come through. $250
Some detail of "Big Guy's" upper torso
More details of "Big Guy's" lower extremity.
A different kind of heart 6x6x1.5” acrylic on canvas. $25 each
Funky flowers with white frame. 8x8 acrylic on canvas. 10x10 w frame. $42 each or $80 for set of 2