2019 Abstract Works

2019 – Not much in the way of finished works this year. However I did thrive a bit in discovery mode. Clay hand-building, painting on wood, and a couple little crafty items sorta led to a very tactile year. I needed to get my hands into it. Feeling is seeing I guess.

"Falling is So Much Fun" 12"x36" acrylic on canvas. $250
How cute is this little hand-built ceramic bowl? It looks like a vanilla hot fudge sundae!
"Rising Higher" A triptych for a beautiful friend. 3 - 12"x36"x1.5 Acrylic on canvas.
Re-titled to "Brave, Bold, but Violated." I created this piece being deeply affected by the accounts of sexual abuse preyed upon so many young women gymnasts, and yet mesmerized by the collective force they became to destroy that abuser and all those who allowed it. The piece embodies the gentle flow of young femininity ripped apart by the darkness and bits of bruising; innocence that still needs mending. Brave and bold, but still violated. 24x36x .5” Acrylic on Canvas. $420
The "beautiful friend" and owner of "Rising Higher"
This strong, sturdy, robust piece didn’t have a name for awhile but I referred to it as “Big Guy.” And so it is. 11.5” x 47” x .75 thick Pine plank w acrylics, wood stains, oils. Tried to allow some of the natural character of the wood to come through. $250
Some detail of "Big Guy's" upper torso
More details of "Big Guy's" lower extremity.
A different kind of heart 6x6x1.5” acrylic on canvas. $25 each
Funky flowers with white frame. 8x8 acrylic on canvas. 10x10 w frame. $42 each or $80 for set of 2
Turquoise Vase 10" x 10" Gobs of texture